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Images courtesy Mick Schofield

Witness a show from Motherlode and you will hear four passionate musicians wailing away, reminiscent of the heyday of power trios and full on rock bands. Taking key elements from past acts such as Zeppelin-esque grooves, the bump and grind of Free and the Cream-like improvisational solo passages. You might question if this is a band out of time? However the band’s vision is genuine and they believe, like their audience, that original rock music like this is needed in our time!

Motherlode originally formed as a four piece back in 2000 and have gone through a number of personnel changes over the years, running as a trio from 2007-2017 with Simon Alexander (guitar), Neil McBride (drums) and Graham Fieldhouse (bass/vocals). Following Graham’s departure, the band returned to a four piece configuration, with Simon (guitar) and Neil (drums) joined by Richard Frost (vocals) and Raul Cunha (bass). Over the years, Motherlode have supported the likes of Budgie, Focus, Glenn Hughes, Snakecharmer, The Union, Wishbone Ash, Martin Turner, Stray, Devon Allman, Raveneye, Julian Sas, Buddy Whittington and Larry Miller.

This isn’t a band who are trying to recreate a bygone era, this is a band bursting with life who share the same vision as the greats that have gone before.....

Latest News

8/07/18. The band are back to full steam ahead. Joining existing members Simon Alexander (guitar) and Neil McBride (drums), we welcome Richard Frost on vocals and Raul Cunha on bass, to make a powerful four piece version of Motherlode. Still with classic influences, we continue to deliver powerful rock originals, Check out Soundcloud link to two new songs. more